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Who else uses it?

Solo websites are used by a whole range of different people for different reasons. Here's what some of them have had to say. Links to a longer list of Solo customers can be found on the page of Customers' Sites.

Dear WebGuild,

WebGuild was recommended to me by Grevel Lindop, and I'm entirely glad of his recommendation. (Several Carcanet authors appear to use the same package, which may be no coincidence.) The package is easy to set up, even for idiots like me; good on the eye; and simple to maintain. It's been useful for several reasons: it's put me in touch with clients, writers, and readers; it reminds a tiny fragment of the world that I am not yet dead, despite expatriation; and it's a very handy electronic space in which to display fragments of work, diary-style entries (in my case these last are about fly-fishing), and writing-in-progress. I also very much enjoy the small disciplines involved in keeping the site up-to-date, and fresh. I can't say that it has directly resulted yet in more sales or business, but who ever knows? It may so result, and is at the very least a significant and useful tool in any freelancer's repertoire.

Best wishes

Dr. Chris McCully


Dear WebGuild Media,

Just a line to let you know that I finished constructing my website fairly recently - a process interrupted when I set my house on fire (painters and decorators, floorboard and carpet replacers, have now just finished remedying the damage). I'd like to let you know that (as Michael Schmidt said in his initial letter to Carcanet authors), I found the process of working with WebGuild Artisan both simple and enjoyable: the only time-consuming thinking required of me was to do with deciding what text and pictures to put on my site. (I bought a scanner in order to add images: only £70, and what a wonderful toy it is!) And of course whenever I want to modify the content, it is easily done.

Anyhow - I'm very pleased with your product, and grateful for the lucidity of its explanations in the Help sections of how to operate it. And I've had plenty of good feedback from people who've looked at my site (not least from my friends in Sicily's Aeolian Islands, who are theorising that it may well be the eminent lawyer and politician Enanuele Carnivale who, having seen on my website my 'insulting' poem about him on my Ongoing page, adorned with his election poster as it was adapted for the cover of Poetry Review, was through his agents in East Anglia the instigator of my house-fire...

I shall certainly recommend WebGuild to anyone I come across who is thinking of building their own website...

With best wishes,

Andrew Waterman


Dear WebGuild,

Thanks, that worked perfectly. I'm really pleased with the package, it suits me well, and looks good.

John Gallas


Dear WebGuild,

WebGuild provide a suite of website creation tools, which are very easy and great fun to use. It took me a weekend to come up with the first version of my site and since then it takes a couple of hours each time I've wanted to update it. I've gained contacts and invitations to publish, which wouldn't have been possible without the site - brilliant!

All the best
James Sutherland-Smith

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